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In House Legal : How to Obtain a Role Through a Recruiter

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In-house Legal: How to Obtain a New Role Through a Recruiter

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A​Are you a legal professional within financial services looking for a new career move - but unsure where to start? 

Going through a recruitment agency can be a great way to find your dream job. Specialist legal recruitment agencies, like Rutherford, are experts in the in-house legal space, they have access to a wide network of key industry players and exposure to resources to help you find the right job. 

Explore why legal professionals should go through in house legal recruiters to secure their next job, as well as the advantages of using recruitment agencies: exclusive access to job postings, tailored advice, and guidance from experienced industry professionals. 

Benefits of Finding a Role Through a Recruiter

Using a specialist legal recruiter can provide a number of benefits for legal professionals. Firstly, recruiters specialize in connecting people with roles that match their experience and qualifications, whilst also taking into consideration cultural fit for the firm. This can help to streamline the process of finding a job, as recruiters are able to quickly identify vacancies that are best suited for a candidate. 

Top in-house legal recruiters often have better access to roles than job seekers who search for vacancies independently. This access could be invaluable for legal professionals who are looking for a specific type of role or a particular employer. Consultants may also have insight into roles that are not yet advertised, allowing them to source the best opportunities for candidates and present them exclusively to the firm.

In house legal recruiters can provide direction and guidance to professionals who are searching for a new role. This support can be crucial when preparing for interviews, negotiating salaries, and understanding the current state of the job market. 

A consultant's job is not done once a candidate has confirmed interviews under their belt. Throughout the recruitment process, the best in house legal recruiters will also provide valuable feedback and advice, allowing professionals to be prepared for next steps or other processes. 

Advantages of Using an In-House Legal Recruitment Agency

There are numerous advantages for legal professionals who are contacting in house legal recruitment firms in London. The biggest being access to an extensive database of exclusive employers, in-house legal headhunters can expose candidates and provide access to a large pool of leading firms with employment opportunities. 

Also, established in-house legal recruitment firms will have developed longstanding working relationships with clients, making recruiters an invaluable source of information on the finer details and expectations that vary in each firm, such as culture and values. 

Most importantly, a specialist recruitment firm will help legal professionals find positions that match their skills, experience, and preferences, as well as provide advice on how to interview for a role. Headhunters can provide professionals personalised support and guidance, helping them to maximize their chances of finding a job.

How to Get a New Job Through a Recruiter

Working with a recruiter is a great way to find a new job. A recruiter can help you identify job opportunities that may be a good fit for your skills and experience, provide guidance on how to structure your resume and cover letter, and even advocate for you during the interview process. Here are some tips for getting the most out of working with a recruiter:

  1. Identify the right firm. It is important to find a recruiter who specializes in legal recruitment and has access to the right networks and contacts in the legal industry. This can be done through online research or through networking with lawyers, other legal recruiters, and other professionals in the legal industry. 

  1. Once the right recruiter is identified, candidates should create a CV that reflects their legal experience and qualifications, including any additional skills or certifications that may be relevant. The CV should be tailored to the specific position you are applying for.

  1. Contact the recruiter and arrange a meeting or confidential conversation. The best in house legal recruiters will assess the job seeker’s qualifications, experience, and skills to determine if they are a good fit for their current vacancies. Candidates should also be prepared to discuss their career goals and any other relevant information that will help the recruiter assess their suitability for the role. 

  1. It is important for the candidates to be clear and transparent about their desired salary and other conditions they require to ensure a successful outcome. Top in house legal recruiters are often able to negotiate salaries and other company benefits on the candidates’ behalf.

Why do Businesses Like Working with Recruitment Firms?

In house recruitment firms in London provide a valuable resource for companies looking to fill their in house legal counsel jobs quickly and efficiently. Executive search firms will have access to a large pool of qualified candidates who are already pre-screened and ready for interviews. The recruitment firm can also provide hiring managers or HR professionals with market insights, current trends, and valuable advice on compensation, enabling clients to structure and better position themselves to attract the right legal professional.

A good specialist firm will provide clients with an objective view of prospective candidates to ensure their best fit for the position and company, alongside providing constructive feedback to legal professionals on the quality and success of the interview.

Why Rutherford is One of The Best In House Legal Recruiters in London

Rutherford is an In-house legal recruitment agency whose core purpose is to source high-calibre candidates to help our clients achieve their specific business goals. Working alongside companies within their niche, Rutherford’s in-house legal recruitment firm can offer different types of legal recruitment services such as retained search services and contingent recruitment services– depending on the client’s needs.

If you are thinking about finding a top legal recruitment agency in London to support you with your current search, or you want to know more about the recruitment procedure contact our in-house legal recruiters or submit a role.

Looking to hire compliance, legal, financial crime, risk or cyber security talent into your team? Get in touch with Rutherford's Recruitment Consultants today.