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Hiring Resources

Rutherford is a London-based executive search firm that specialises in legal, financial crime, cyber security and compliance recruitment in the UK and New York. We have kept our focus on financial law and regulation to enable our team to become experts in their field and grow relationships within their specific sectors.

Our long-standing relationships with key players in the industry, paired with our own team's professional experience in our core markets, has also allowed us to create tools to guide you through your next hiring process.

When should you hire your first compliance officer? How can you properly identify the best MLRO for your firm when faced with an array of equally outstanding candidates? What is the appropriate salary band in 2020 for a General Counsel?

The below resources aim to guide you through current or future challenges you may be facing. If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our consultants about these resources, don't hesitate to contact us.

cover of rutherford guide when should you hire your first compliance officer

cover of rutherford guide what a mlro wants to know before agreeing to join your firm

When Should You Hire Your First Compliance Officer?

What a MLRO Wants to Know Before Joining Your Firm
White Paper

cover of rutherford salary survey head of compliance 2019

cover of rutherford guide how to identify the best head of compliance

Head of Compliance -
2019 Edition

Salary Survey

How to Identify the Best Head of Compliance

cover of rutherford salary survey in-house legal 2020

cover of rutherford compliance salary survey 2021

In-house Legal, 2020 Edition
Salary Survey

Compliance - 2021 Edition
Salary Survey

cover of rutherford building out your compliance team guide

cover of rutherford guide how to avoid a compliance mis hire

Building a Compliance Team

How to Avoid a Mis Hire

cover of rutherford guide how to hire the right chief information security officer

​How to Hire the Best CISO