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Sam Williams

Sam Williams


What do you want to accomplish in your work?

For me, what’s most important is building up a strong reputation in this field as a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable consultant within the financial crime space. I want to be the go-to person for candidates and clients when it comes to regulatory changes and issues facing the financial crime sector.

How do your values guide the way you work?

My principal values stem from my upbringing and previous experience as a police officer. These are primarily dependability, integrity, fairness, and good humour. This shapes how I interact with candidates and clients. I always ensure that I am open and transparent with the hiring process for candidates and keep them updated with the progress of their applications and notify them promptly of their progress. I like to demonstrate dependability through exhibiting excellent knowledge in the space not just from a recruitment perspective but also from a Financial Crime Compliance perspective. I also thrive on making people feel comfortable to communicate with me, I feel that a great way to do this is through humour.

How did you get started in Financial Crime recruitment? How did your background shape your newfound career?

When I first joined Rutherford, I was concentrating more on generalist compliance roles. It quickly became apparent to me that focusing on a specialism was a more suitable direction to take so I could gain greater understanding of the industry and its needs. Due to my natural interest in criminal investigation, given my policing and Detective background, I was drawn towards Financial Crime.

Since directing more of my attention to this area, I have found common ground with candidates through having personal experience of conducting financial investigations, which in turn makes me feel more passionate and interested in the work I do.

Can you please describe a typical day at work for you?

Each day is quite different, as my responsibilities are multi-faceted and can differ daily. There are some consistent elements, though, like catching up continually with candidates and clients in the Financial Crime and Compliance space. This is very important for me, as it means I can appraise myself with current trends in the field, including latest financial and cases, new regulations and current issues facing professionals.

How and what do you want to be known for in your sector?

As the consultant with a greater degree of knowledge and insights into the field. My goal is to be known as a subject matter expert, where candidates and clients feel comfortable approaching me to assist them with either finding jobs or candidates for jobs.