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Jack Merriott

Jack Merriott


​About Jack Merriott

Jack Merriott is a Consultant at Rutherford, a London-based recruitment firm that specialises in compliance, financial crime, legal and cyber security searches within financial services. After completing a Bachelors of Law (LLB) at the University of Brighton, Jack started his career as a Student Recruitment Assistant at his alma mater. He later moved on to work for HM Treasury, where he was responsible for the recruitment of economists of all levels throughout the Civil Service. Thereafter, he joined Middlesex University to get back into student recruitment, where he would run a host of virtual recruitment events.

Jack now specialises in placing top talent in compliance and legal roles within financial services, from asset managers to hedge funds to investment management firms.

What can colleagues - and friends - expect when they are around you?

I like to think I bring a charismatic and upbeat attitude to both work and social situations. I am very comfortable working independently, however I am also reliable and available for any team projects that there may be.

What do you pay attention to when speaking to candidates?

I always ensure that I get a true understanding of who the candidates are and what makes them tick. This way, it is easier to assess what kind of corporate culture they will better fit in. The more a candidate tells me about themselves, the easier it is for me - or any legal and compliance Recruitment Consultant at Rutherford - to find the perfect cultural fit from a job perspective.

What are your guiding principles at work?

Listening is key to me. Whether I speak to a candidate or a client, at the end of the day without active listening nothing great can be achieved. My role - and goal - is all about finding the best match for all parties, and this starts with properly assessing needs of both candidates and client firms.

What motivates you at work and in life?

Progression and growth. I always strive to go beyond what is expected of me in order to develop both professionally and personally. I am also incredibly motivated by professional opportunities which can bring me further in life: this position at Rutherford for example allows me to develop my skills even further and to get exposed to more elements of the financial services sector.

What is the most unexpected thing you ever did?

After completing my A levels, I decided on a whim to go to Nepal to teach there for 3 months. An incredible experience that I will never forget.