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Fintech Recruitment

One of the Top Fintech Recruitment Agencies in the UK 

Having worked in the financial services sector for over a decade, Rutherford's global fintech recruitment headhunters have been able to see firsthand the massive growth of the fintech sector - and its quick adoption by customers. 

More than ever, consumers have a preference for innovative and disruptive firms that are challenging the finance industries status quo and providing more flexible services to the end-user.

The Impact of Sector Popularity on Fintech Compliance Recruitment Needs

The increasing popularity of the sector has translated over the years into a spike of fintech compliance jobs, fintech risk jobs as well as fintech legal recruitment needs. 

With the financial watchdog paying close attention to the growing industry and introducing along the way new regulations to protect customers, the need for specialised regulatory fintech talent has never been so strong. 

More than ever fintech companies are reaching out to specialised fintech recruitment agencies in London, to help with their niche fintech recruitment needs. Due to the infancy of the sector, hiring managers and senior professionals struggle to pinpoint top fintech talent due to the candidtae short market. Using top fintech recruitment agencies, such as Rutherford, allows clients to focus on the interview process, rather than filter through hundreds of candidates.

Establishing Ourselves as the Best Fintech Recruitment Search Firm

Our specialist team of global fintech recruiters in London have been accompanying the rising stars of the buoyant sector for more than a decade. 

Rutherford has therefore been able to build an unparalleled database of top regulatory fintech risk and compliance talent in the space, placing them into some of the most renowned challenger firms in the finance industry. 

Today, Rutherford has a large array of fintech compliance jobs, fintech legal jobs, as well as fintech risk jobs, which all stem from the strong network built over the years by our London fintech recruiters. 


Your Go-To Fintech Legal Recruitment and Compliance Search Firm For Fintech Compliance Jobs in London

Our greatest pride is our people. Rutherford is a boutique fintech recruitment firm that is made up of some of the best recruiters in the fintech compliance, risk, cyber security, and legal recruitment space.

If you are actively looking for fintech legal jobs, fintech risk jobs, fintech compliance jobs or fintech cyber security jobs, you have come to the right place. Head over to our current vacancies page to peruse your options of fintech companies. 

As the volume of jobs in the fintech sector changes quickly, make sure to look at our roles frequently as we constantly have new positions in the sector.

Alternatively, you can also speak to our fintech recruitment agency consultants in London for a confidential conversation around your background and your next career move. 


Rutherford’s Fintech Recruitment Agency Search Offerings in London

Our fintech recruitment desk in London will always aim to provide the best jobs on the market. We offer two different types of services for our clients, helping them secure the best talent for their hiring needs.

Rutherford's Retained Search Services

Our Retained Search services are ideal for firms looking to hire niche, highly specialised professionals in financial crime. Our consultants will adopt a tailored and greatly rigorous approach to make sure our client secures premier financial crime talent.

 Rutherford's Contingent Recruitment Services

On the other hand, Rutherford's Contingent Recruitment services have been built for firms that have short-term hiring needs. With a quicker delivery, our financial crime consultants will tap into their vast network and database to bring you the best candidates in the field.

Contact Our Fintech Recruitment Agencies Consultants 

If a move within a fintech comapny is of interest to you, then get in touch with Rutherford's best fintech recruiters in London for a confidential conversation. 

Whether you are a compliance, legal, cyber security, or risk professional, our fintech headhunters will be able to guide you through their current vacancies in the fintech market.


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Principal Consultant

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Head of Information and Cyber Security

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