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​Rutherford Announces Partnership with hundo for Kickstart Internship Scheme

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Rutherford Announces Partnership with hundo for Kickstart Internship Scheme

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Here at Rutherford, we are thrilled to announce our participation in the Government’s Kickstart Scheme, helping 16-24 year olds gain valuable work experience.

Finding an entry level job without the necessary experience can be extremely difficult, which is why the Kickstart Scheme is invaluable to young people at the beginning of their careers. Offering paid high-quality internships, the programme offers 16-24 year olds the chance to obtain real business experience and develop their skill base.

hundo works to support this experience by ensuring interns are fully equipped with job seeking skills such as CV writing and interview prep. Rutherford has chosen to partner with hundo to ensure our Kickstarters gain a holistic experience that will prepare them not only for the duration of the placement, but throughout their careers.

We spoke to our Trainee Research Consultant Meera Nair, our first Kickstart intern, to gain an insight into how her experience has been so far and the importance of hundo’s support.

How has your experience been so far?

My experience at Rutherford has been extremely positive so far. The team are really supportive and through them I have been able to gain more insight into the world of recruitment. I have had the opportunity to take on a number of different tasks, from content creation to candidate screening, which has broadened my skill set and improved my confidence.

Would you recommend taking part in the Kickstart Scheme?

I would definitely recommend the Kickstart scheme for young people who are looking to gain some work experience. The scheme offers a vast range of opportunities in a number of sectors allowing you to find a path that is best suited to your skills and capabilities, and it is a great way to take your first steps into the workforce. The kickstarter gateway team have been really supportive throughout, from the application process to securing the role, and have offered me the opportunity to work on skills that will be needed throughout my career

What do you plan to do after your Kickstart internship?

I am hoping my experience will prepare me for long-term career opportunities. I feel that I have picked up skills and knowledge that I would have missed out on without this opportunity at Rutherford, supported by the Kickstart initiative and hundo’s continuing support. I have a gained a better understanding of what type of work I would enjoy doing in the future, and plan to tailor my future search to this area.

With our existing interns already succeeding in the workplace here at Rutherford, we are on the lookout for more aspiring young individuals to learn about legal, compliance and cyber recruitment. You can find these opportunities on Tempo or via your local job centre.

For more information regarding the Kickstart Scheme, or if you want to look into using the scheme to bring in some interns for your company, go to


Genevieve Higgins-Desbiens is the Marketing Manager at Rutherford, the executive compliance, legal, financial crime and cyber security recruitment specialists.
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