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​Rutherford Partners With HerCapital for a Women's Mentorship Initiative

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Rutherford Partners With HerCapital for a Women's Mentorship Initiative

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In 2020, the Rutherford team made a Freedom of Information request to the Financial Authority Conduct (FCA), asking for data on the current gender gap in the financial services sector, more specifically within the compliance and financial crime functions.

The numbers received showed how much work is still needed in the space to observe true gender diversity as in 2020, 84% of SMF16s and 83% of SMF17s were men.

At Rutherford, we believe that one way to help close the gender gap within our space is by encouraging women in senior positions to inspire and coach younger women in the industry. Creating occasions for role models to provide guidance on career progression and to share their past experiences within the sector and how they overcame common challenges.

This is why we have partnered with the non-profit organisation HerCapital, whose mission is to empower women to invest in their future, for a Women’s Mentorship initiative. Through this partnership, our goal is to create safe spaces where women in senior roles within financial services can coach and mentor ambitious women in mid-level functions who are looking to move up the corporate ladder and invest in their career.

For over a decade, Rutherford has built a vast network of executive compliance and legal professionals within financial services. Through this initiative with HerCapital, we are tapping into this strong network and allowing women from all over the world to hear what well-established women in financial services have to say about overcoming challenges that come with a male-dominated environment. From salary negotiation tips to creating a career roadmap with regular check-ins, numerous topics will be addressed to make sure younger women have the necessary tools to succeed and make their place in the sector.

Our first mentorship session will be held on Wednesday 17th March 2021 with Joy Rhoades, ex Managing Director at JP Morgan and author.

For more information about the initiative or to sign up to the first event, click here.

About HerCapital

HerCapital was founded in 2019 with the mission to empower women to become financially independent and to take control of their income. The two founders, Zabreen Khan and Rabiya Ather, aim to create a strong community of women who are looking to become confident investors and to be equipped with tools who will help them be part of the conversation when it comes to investing and managing personal finances.

This initiative with Rutherford is enabling the non-profit organisation to expand its current horizons, by providing safe spaces for their community to discuss career goals and progression with well-established women in senior positions. This will help empower women to also take control of their career and future.


Genevieve Higgins-Desbiens is the Marketing Manager at Rutherford, the executive compliance and legal recruitment specialists.

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