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The crypto and digital assets industry has seen in the past few years a sharp increase in popularity, meaning regulators are starting to look at the industry under a magnifying glass. 

Whilst the future of cryptocurrency is looking very bright, there will most likely be a lot of movement in upcoming years in this buoyant market as regulations are expected to come into place in the near future. 

The demand for financial crime, legal and compliance specialists is expected to grow massively, with crypto and digital assets businesses looking at securing some of the best regulatory talent within financial services, crypto regulatory recruitment, crypto AML recruitment and crypto MLRO recruitment is slowly becoming a highly sought after sector within crypto recruitment agencies. 

Why Are Crypto Compliance Jobs on The Rise? 

As mentioned above, crypto is a highly unregulated industry. However, due to its accelerating growth and introduction of regulations, companies want to ensure they are compliant making their volatile industry safer.

 In recent times a trend has emerged, we have seen a number of high-level compliance executives moving from the traditional finance space into the decentralised crypto industry for crypto compliance jobs, increasing the need for regulatory crypto recruitment.

Although compliance jobs in crypto is somewhat a new function, booming crypto recruitment agencies are able to offer more attractive packages from higher compensations to flexible working.

Our crypto recruitment agency handles a variety of roles that are emerging within crypto firms from Crypto Compliance Officer, crypto AML/KYC Compliance Analyst to Head of Compliance.  

Establishing Ourselves as the Best Crypto Recruitment Agency in London

Rutherford has been working in the past few years with crypto and digital assets firms, from big established exchanges to up-and-comers in the industry.

Our database of crypto compliance and legal talent has grown massively in recent years, meaning we are the go-to crypto aml, legal and compliance recruitment firm in London when it comes to securing top regulatory talent.

Our specialist crypto recruiters have built trusted relationships with these disruptive and visionary firms.

These strong connections have now resulted in a vast array of crypto compliance jobs and digital assets legal vacancies.

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Your Trusted Crypto Compliance Recruitment Firm

​Our greatest pride is our people. Rutherford is a boutique firm that is made up of some of the best expert headhunters in the digital assets and crypto space, focussing on crypto legal recruitment, crypto aml recruitment and crypto mlro recruitment.  

If you are actively looking for crypto compliance jobs, head over to our current vacancies page and peruse your options.

As the volume of crypto compliance jobs changes quickly, make sure to look at our roles frequently as we constantly have new positions in the digital assets sector. 

Alternatively, you can also speak to our consultants for a confidential conversation around your background and your next career move.

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Meet our Legal and Cryptocurrency Recruiters in London

If a move within the crypto & digital assets space is of interest to you, then get in touch with Rutherford's Consultants for a confidential conversation. 

Whether you are a compliance or legal professional, our crypto recruitment experts will be able to guide you through their crypto compliance job vacancies within the sector.

Rutherford's Crypto Compliance and Legal Recruiters
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