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General Counsel Recruitment

Rutherford: a Leading In-House Counsel Recruitment Firm

​For over a decade, Rutherford has been known as a leading in-house counsel recruitment firm specialising in the financial services sector in London. Our boutique general counsel agency has accumulated over the past few years trusted relationships within the space, building connections with some of the best talent in the legal sector in the United Kingdom.

Working with Renowned Clients

​All of Rutherford's General Counsel jobs in London come from well-regarded financial services firms in the United Kingdom. We work exclusively with companies within this industry in order to maintain our reputable expertise in the field. We work with a vast array of financial services firms such as hedge funds, asset managers, crypto businesses, fintechs, insurance brokers, private equity firms and many more.

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Are you a General Counsel looking for your next career move? If so, you will most likely need to seek out the support of a specialist General Counsel agency. In-house legal recruitment agencies such as Rutherford will act as connection enablers, ensuring that you are being presented relevant General Counsel jobs which are aligned with your professional background as well as your career aspirations.

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​In-House Legal Resources to Help Your Search

Whether your are looking for a new General Counsel job in London or are interested in knowing what the latest salary bands are in the in-house legal industry, have a look at Rutherford's blog for valuable resources. Our team of legal recruitment Consultants has created a series of articles and salary surveys which will help you with your process, whether you are looknig for a role or want to hire an in-house counsel for your firm.

In-House Legal Salary Survey

​How to Hire the Best General Counsel

​The Evolution of the General Counsel

Looking for a General Counsel?

If you are actively looking for an in-house legal recruitment partner, look no further. Rutherford not only has access to a large pool of top General Counsels in London, it also has a number of specialist Legal Consultants. Our strength lies in the fact that Rutherford's Recruitment Consultants have a relevant background. Our specialists in the in-house legal space are either qualified lawyers or have a law degree: you can therefore rest assured that our team will truly understand your goals and challenges.