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Digital Transformation Recruitment

A Trusted and Established Digital Transformation Recruitment Agency

For more than 10 years, Rutherford has built an expertise in placing top digital transformation professionals into the financial services sector. Our boutique digital transformation staffing agency is known for its extensive database, deep market 

Over the years, digital transformation in recruitment has grown, and our specialist team of recruiters have been identifying the rising stars and established leaders of the industry,  following them along their professional journey, and placing them along the way into world-renowned financial services firms.

Our unparalleled connections, market knowledge, and understanding of the sector's intricacies have helped us secure our reputation as one of the best digital transformation recruitment agencies in New York. 

Our digital transformation specialists are known to meet the highest of standards, and our clients often come back to us to build out their wider digital transformation team.


Leaders in the Recruitment of Digital Transformation 

​Our greatest pride is our people. Rutherford is a boutique digital transformation recruitment agency that is made up of some of the best digital transformation recruitment experts in the financial services space.

If you are actively looking for Digital Transformation jobs in financial services, head over to our current vacancies page and peruse your options. You can also reach out directly to one of our Digital Transformation specialist consultants who will be able to walk you through our live vacancies or provide insights on the hiring process and market trends.

What is Digital Transformation in Recruitment?

Digital transformation is the adoption and implementation of new technologies within organizations. Digital transformation allows firms to acquire tech that helps them to automate systems, streamline processes, speed up mundane admin tasks and centralize vigorous amounts of data. This constant evolution has increased the level of recruitment within the digital transformation sector.

What is The Benefit of Digital Transformation?

With the ability to complete tasks quicker, digital transformation can operationalize efficiency across businesses. The creation and enforcement of new digital tools allow your business to be reliable, and secure - increasing the recruitment of technology professionals.

Large amounts of data are compiled and fed directly into senior leadership, who are better prepared to make effective business decisions due to the robust data collected.

Firms seeing the benefit of new technologies have encouraged leaders and hiring managers to increase their recruitment of digital transformation.

​Where to Find Digital Transformation Jobs in New York City

The best way to find digital transformation jobs in NYC is to look at specialist digital transformation recruitment agencies which focus on the industry you are interested in. For example, Rutherfords specializes in recruitment in digital transformation within the financial services sector.

For over a decade, we have been working with some of the most renowned businesses in the finance world, helping them source some of the best digital transformation talent in the New York market.

Once you have found a digital transformation recruitment agency that are aligned with your career objectives and your industry of interest, the next step would be to identify the right digital transformation headhunter, who can identify a key recruitment strategy for your serach .

Why is Rutherford Different From Other Business Transformation Recruitment Agencies? 

Specialist staffing agencies such as Rutherford will usually have dedicated digital transformation recruiters who oversee a niche market: they are the ones best suited to present you with interesting and attractive jobs in the field, whether you are seeking a generalist position or something a bit more specific, like Digital Transformation Consultant jobs. ​

Why You Should Partner With Specialist Digital Transformation Headhunters

The main reason why firms partner with digital transformation recruitment agencies lies in a simple fact: that the sector is in constant evolution and it is hard to catch up with the direction of change and innovation.

The rate of technical change within the space is incredibly fast, meaning in-house teams are often faced with the challenge of finding talent which will be able to steer the company in the right direction from a transformation standpoint.

Strong digital transformation recruitment agencies - such as Rutherford - will often have a large pool of candidates stemming from the Change & Transformation sector, with different skill sets to match the requirements of a specific position or firm.


How Can Technology Transformation Recruitment Headhunters Benefit You?

Generalist Digital Transformation headhunters, or niche specialists such as Change Manager recruitment agencies, offer many advantages if you are considering hiring talent in the space. A Digital Transformation recruiter will constantly be engaged with the best professionals in the industry, and will often get leads from their network on the direction of change, progress, and innovation.

At Rutherford, our Digital Transformation Recruiters will help you secure the most sought-after specialists in the field, from C-Suite Transformation Leaders, Chiefs of Staff, and Programme Managers all the way to Business Analysts.

 Your Trusted Digital Transformation Recruitment Agency

If you are actively looking for digital transformation jobs, head over to our current vacancies page and peruse your options. As the volume of digital transformation jobs changes quickly, make sure to look at our roles frequently as we constantly have new positions in the sector. 

Alternatively, you can also speak to our consultants for a confidential conversation about your background and your next career move.

Please note that Rutherford offers both retained search services and contingent recruitment services to its clients. 

Meet Rutherford's Digital Transformation Recruiters

jackson baker digital transformation recruiter at rutherford in new york

michael aspinall digital transformation recruiter at rutherford in new york

octavian donnelly digital transformation recruiter at rutherford in new york

Jackson Baker
Director & Head of US

Michael Aspinall
Head of Cyber & Information Security

Octavian Donnelly
Risk, Change & Business Operations Lead