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Our Values

Four core values are at the heart of everything we do. From ownership to challenge, see what makes us tick.

As an employee owned business, we take literal collective and individual responsibility and ownership for delivering for the client, for fostering the relationship by ensuring integrity, honesty and professionalism. Taking responsibility for developing deeper market knowledge, for marketing the client effectively and for providing service of the highest standards.

We do not want to partner with every bank or fund. As a niche supplier, our goal is to partner meaningfully with select clients to deliver exceptionally high service standards as well as build long-term relationships. We want to anticipate issues for our client and provide the solution effectively and efficiently.

We do not want to talk to everyone. We want to identify and talk to the future leaders of our clients' businesses. Our focus is on nourishing the relationships with the candidates who matter to our clients.

To continually revisit and improve our strategy, allocation of resources, processes and procedures to better align Rutherford to meet the above values.