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How To Start A Career In Cryptocurrency

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How To Start A Career In Cryptocurrency

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​Remember when the internet was a new “thing” that no one really knew about? Back then, the world wide web was a strange and complex concept which didn’t make much sense to the majority. But some saw in this disruptive idea huge potential and decided to invest in it or to join companies who were working hard on making it accessible to the world.

Those who took this professional leap of faith didn’t have a degree in computer sciences. They didn’t have a background perfectly tailored to the job. As the industry was brand new, there was no “right” experience or education which could be asked for by employers within the field.

These professionals took a risk. And as we all know now, that risk paid off massively.

The Future of The Disruptive Industry

In recent days, many people tend to draw a comparison between the internet boom and the crypto world. After all, both involve new - and complex - technologies. They both aim to disrupt industries and the way people around the world interact with each other. And they both rely on open networks and decentralisation.

Many see in crypto the same potential as those early internet adopters. And now, more than ever, they want to work for companies who aim to massively disrupt the financial world.

As mentioned in Coin Insider, “over the past year, job searches [in cryptocurrency-related industries] increased by 395% in the United States”. The demand for jobs i cryptocurrency is at an all-time high, leaving many wondering one crucial question: how can you start a career in cryptocurrency?

The below explores the many elements one must consider in order to get their foot through the crypto door in the United States. If jobs in the crypto industry are of interest, and you've asked yourself why do you want to work in cryptocurrency, have a read and make sure to peruse our current crypto currency jobs.

Knowledge Is Power

If you have ever wondered how to get a job in crypto, you must start with the basics. In this case, basics come in the form of knowledge; can you explain what cryptography is? Have you properly grasped the concept of blockchain technology? Do you know where the original idea came from, who were the early adopters - and investors?

Passion and knowledge will go a long way when it comes to securing job opportunities in cryptocurrency. With the industry being still relatively new, hiring managers in the sector will look beyond skills as no perfect background exists at the moment. A genuine interest in crypto and a solid understanding of its mechanics, underlying technology and overall intricacies will most certainly play a big part in the decision-making process.

Thankfully, the world is filled with accessible learning material on the matter: crypto fanatics and specialists have been releasing podcasts, documentaries, books, online guides and many other tools to explain the crypto world in detail. Be dedicated and absorb as much information as you can; this will help you become an expert on the subject. And if you are willing to go the extra mile, download a crypto investing app and start dabbling with it to get a better sense of the market’s fluctuations.

This basic step applies to all types of careers in cryptocurrency: whether you are seeking entry-level cryptocurrency jobs, crypto marketing jobs or even crypto internships, you must always ensure that your digital assets knowledge is strong.

Raise Your Online Profile

Once you have solidified your knowledge of the crypto industry, it will be time to make some noise online. Employers and recruiters actively use platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter to find candidates for live vacancies; you will want to make sure you are easily findable and that you actively share content in relation to the sector.

LinkedIn and Twitter, just like any other social media channel, have in place an algorithm that rewards users who diligently use their platform - even more so when the aim is to interact with others. These channels are peer-to-peer, meaning they will encourage online behaviours which focus on conversation and exchange.

You will therefore want to build some good content posting habits for your social channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Post regularly, with a consistent pace, about topics in relation to the crypto sector. Tools like Google Alerts and Hootsuite can help you manage the workload, with the former providing you regular updates in the field (you can, for instance, create a “cryptocurrency” alert on Google) and the latter helping you manage and schedule your content publishing.

If you want to be even more visible online, make a point of connecting and following influential people in the crypto world on both social media platforms, and engage regularly with their content. You can also have a go at writing your own original pieces and post them as LinkedIn articles for others to see and engage with.

Mingle With the Right Crowd

Whilst an active online presence is good, putting yourself in front of industry peers in an informal context is even better. Networking and informative events such as the New York Blockchain Meetup are a great way to immerse yourself in the crypto world and start building connections.

Every time you meet someone new, make sure to follow up by connecting with them on LinkedIn and sending them a polite message. You can also start engaging with their content on a regular basis; this will increase your chances of staying at the top of their mind. And who knows, one of these new connections may be hiring for a relevant entry level cryptocurrency jobs in the future.

Get In Touch With a Crypto Recruitment Firm

Another quick and smart way to increase your chances of starting a career in cryptocurrency is to get in touch with specialist recruiters in the crypto space. Because of the high volume of jobs crypto and digital assets firms have, many will rely on external suppliers such as recruitment firms to support them with their ambitious growth plans.

Firms like Rutherford will therefore have a vast array of jobs for you to kick start your cryptocurrency career, and will be able to put you in front of the firm for which you are the best fit from an experience and cultural standpoint.


Is Cryptocurrency a Good Career?

Cryptocurrency is a great career choice because it is a rapidly growing field with many opportunities for growth and development. It is also a highly innovative field, with new technologies and applications being developed all the time. Additionally, cryptocurrency offers the potential for high returns on investments, making it an attractive option for those looking to make money in the financial markets. Finally, cryptocurrency is a global phenomenon, meaning that it is accessible to people from all over the world, allowing for a truly global career.

What Should I Study for Cryptocurrency?

Studying cryptocurrency should involve a comprehensive understanding of the technology, economics, and legal aspects of the field. It is important to understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology, including its architecture, consensus mechanisms, and smart contracts. Additionally, it is important to have a good grasp of the economics of cryptocurrency, including its supply and demand dynamics, market trends, and pricing models. Finally, it is important to understand the legal implications of cryptocurrency, including its taxation and regulatory frameworks.


If you are actively seeking a crypto job and want some advice on how to get you started in the industry, reach out to one of our Crypto Recruiters today, peruse our current cryptocurrency jobs or contact us by email at

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