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Cloud Security Engineer Job

The Cloud Security Engineer will concentrate on maintaining the company's global network, security policy, infrastructure, and operating systems while contributing to the design and implementation of these systems. There will be a primary focus on the public cloud, including the integration of cloud with on-premises systems, while working on systems to automate the management of the public cloud infrastructure, giving advice to peer teams and developers on best practices, and interpreting data to improve the firm's systems.

Cloud Security Engineer Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage technical security controls across cloud platforms including within the Azure IAAS environment.

  • Build out M365 capabilities whilst ensuring E5 security resources are being implemented

  • Review technical controls across cloud platforms ensuring effectiveness and that it’s up to date

  • Collaborate with the change function to understand high technical detail, spot security gaps, and create a secure solution.

  • Identify and solve production stability concerns via the necessary tools

  • Build rapport with vendors, industry peers, and professional associations to keep updated on evolving industry standards, technologies, and cyber threats.

Network Security Engineer Qualifications:

  • Proven experience in exemplary technical infrastructure covering data centres, communications and collaboration, networking end-user computing and tooling.

  • Previous experience of leading public cloud platforms, Azure/AWS, Google Cloud, scripting skills, as well as a broad understanding of a range of current and emerging technologies.

  • Ongoing knowledge of compliance standards (CIS, NIST in conjunction with PCI-DSS and GDPR).

  • Cloud Security Engineer related qualifications CCSP, AWS, CompTIA Cloud+.

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What does a Cloud Security Engineer do?

A Cloud Security Engineer is responsible for securing and protecting cloud-based systems. This includes designing, implementing, and managing security measures to prevent unauthorized access and protect sensitive data. They also monitor the system for threats and respond to security incidents. Cloud Security Engineers must evaluate current systems regularly, as well as assess new technologies that can be used to bolster security.

How much does a Cloud Security Engineer make?

A Cloud Security Engineer in the UK can expect to earn a salary ranging from £40,000 to £80,000 per annum. Salaries for this role can also include performance bonuses, depending on the company and the individual's level of experience, salaries may be higher or lower.

​How to become a Cloud Security Engineer?

To become a Cloud Security Engineer, you must first have an aptitude for technology and an understanding of computer networks. A post-secondary degree in computer science or a related field is preferred. Many employers also require at least one year of experience in IT security or cloud systems administration.