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Advice From the Team

​Need advice for your job seeking process? Our team of compliance, financial crime, legal and cyber security headhunters are here to help you through this journey, which can seem daunting at times. We sat down with every Rutherford consultant and asked them what their main piece of advice would be for senior candidates looking to move into a new role within our core disciplines.

If you have extensive experience in compliance, financial crime, legal or cyber security, get in touch with the Rutherford team to see how our recruitment specialists can help you with your process.

tevia kretzmer consultant legal and compliance

"You need an inherent desire and love for the profession that you choose. The work will be challenging and the tasks you are faced with will be complicated, but each area of practice is a fantastic profession and can be particularly rewarding. Whether you are set on private practice and the opportunity to work in an established and well-recognised firm, or the prospect or working in-house for a reputable financial services firm, or event if a career in compliance is what you fancy, each outlook requires determination, hard work and commitment in order to progress."

jackson baker compliance and legal manager rutherford

"Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes: what elements of your experience will they find most interesting? At the end, it's all about understanding your audience - the hiring manager - and giving them the answers they want and need to make a sound decision. Make sure these specific points stand out in your conversations.
Showing that you've added value to a firm in the past is also important, especially if you can quantify it. Make sure your interlocutor understands what you can bring to the table and how you can tangibly impact their business."

alexia brodie cooper researcher rutherford

"Start off by making sure your CV is up to date and relevant. If a candidate is not sure about their CV’s format, we can help through our free CV format service, which helps the process tremendously. I also cannot stress enough the importance of researching prospective employers and the role on offer: this will make you stand out and look prepared in any interview.
octavian donnelly cyber security consultant rutherford
"Securing a new role takes time. Qualifications are important, but roles within Compliance, Legal and Cyber Security are less and less a tick box exercise - which has been the case way too often in the past. There are a whole host of new industries opening up, but also new business functions and teams. When searching, look at potential employers' organisational hierarchies, but most specifically how they group cyber and technology risk, and who that function reports to. This will give a good indication of how a business values the role."

Any questions for our team? Don't hesitate to reach out to any of our consultants.