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What Are In-house Legal Recruitment Agencies?

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What Are In-house Legal Recruitment Agencies?

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​Whether you are a candidate looking to make the jump from law firm practice to an in-house legal position, or a hiring manager seeking essential advice on recruiting top inhouse legal talent, it is crucial to understand what a legal recruitment agency can offer. With in-house legal professionals being in constant high demand across a vast number of sectors, partnering with a legal recruitment agency that has its finger on the pulse when it comes to trends and candidate movements will prove to be invaluable if you wish to get ahead on your headcount goals - or if you aim to secure a legal role perfectly suited to your abilities and aspirations.

From attracting junior in-house legal talent such as Paralegals to sourcing and headhunting high-calibre senior legal candidates for positions like General Counsel or Head of Legal, inhouse legal recruitment firms can provide businesses valuable insights that will help them level up their recruitment strategies and ultimately access better quality talent.

How can one figure out which legal recruitment firm is best for them or their business needs? With over 200 in-house legal recruitment agencies in London alone, finding the right recruitment partner can surely feel overwhelming at times; it quickly becomes difficult to figure out where to start and how they can properly help you and drive business value.

The below aims to clarify some of these points and to break down how a legal recruitment firm can elevate your hiring strategy.

What Are In-house Legal Recruitment Firms?

Starting with the basics, legal recruitment firms can be described as headhunting agencies which focus on finding highly-qualified legal candidates from different sectors and placing them into mandated organisations. In-house legal recruiters will be working alongside businesses who have identified legal hiring needs, providing them with expert advice on how to attract the best talent and sourcing professionals which are perfectly aligned with their culture and corporate goals.

In-house legal recruiters usually focus on specific industries, meaning they have strong knowledge of their respective markets. In-house legal recruitment firms will therefore be familiar with the best candidates in their sector and have excellent knowledge of the latest regulations and trends that may affect a business’ hiring process.

If you are considering engaging an in-house legal recruitment agency for your hiring needs, it is highly recommended that you start by performing thorough research on the players out there. Whilst legal recruitment firms will all have access to a wide pool of legal candidates, some may be more relevant to your organisation if they specialise in the sector you operate in. As an example, Rutherford is known as an expert in the financial services sector, working alongside clients which range from disruptive fintechs to established asset management firms or hedge funds.

Why Would a Candidate use a Legal Recruitment Agency?

A legal recruitment agency can be a great resource for candidates at any stage in their career. In-house legal headhunters provide up-to-date information, resources and knowledge to help their candidates find the best legal opportunities on the market. Whether it is salary advice, finding opportunities with clients that are not publicly advertised, or helping them to tailor their CV and application - legal recruiters have the expertise and the knowledge to best guide a candidate on this.

Moreover, being in constant contact with employers allows in-house legal recruitment agencies to provide applicants with exclusive legal jobs available nowhere else. A lot of the time, clients may not want to go directly to market with roles due to the sheer volume of applicants that they may receive - meaning that a lot of these roles are “under the radar” and not completely accessible. Having a good relationship with an in-house legal recruiter ensures that a candidate will be informed on a “first to know” basis if they are suited to an opportunity.

Finally, job seeking can be an exhaustive task. From scoping out organisations, researching, prepping a CV and also getting ready for interviews: looking for a job can feel like a full-time job in itself. Recruiters work as a filter - and work to partner candidates with the best companies that fit their motivations and goals. Working with a recruiter in theory should reduce the stress surrounding finding a role as well as saving time as they do the majority of the research for candidates.

Why Would an Employer Use an Inhouse Legal Recruitment Agency?

Working with legal recruitment consultants is a great way for businesses to find experienced, qualified legal professionals that are perfectly suited to the organisation’s objectives and corporate culture. Using a legal recruitment agency can not only save time but also money. With a dedicated team of recruiters, businesses can have access to candidates who have the right qualifications and experience. They can quickly identify suitable candidates, review resumes, interview and make offers all under one roof, making the entire process efficient and cost-saving.

Why Use Rutherford for Your In-house Legal Recruitment Needs

For over a decade, Rutherford has been known as a leading governance recruitment firm in London, servicing primarily the financial services industry. Over the years, our inhouse legal recruiters have been able to not only build a strong network of legal talent, but also to acquire incredibly valuable market knowledge. For more than 10 years, we have been priding ourselves on our extensive knowledge in the niche sectors we cover, which gives our team of legal recruiters unmatched insights into the needs of their clients. Our team of expert Legal Recruitment Consultants has been equipped and trained to always anticipate client needs and to keep abreast of all the latest regulatory updates which may affect the businesses we partner with.

We therefore always provide unparalleled support and guidance to these firms, always sourcing and securing the perfect candidates for them in a quick and efficient manner. Whether you are a fintech still in its early start-up stage or a large organisation with unique hiring requirements, Rutherford has the right tools, experience and expertise when it comes to the London legal recruitment market.


If you are thinking about working with a top legal recruitment agency in London to support you with your current search, or if you are a business looking to partner with expert legal recruiters who can provide valuable help and service in finding your next key legal hires, then get in touch with the Rutherford team today, send us an email at or submit a role.

Looking to hire in-house legal specialists into your team? Get in touch with Rutherford's in-house legal Recruitment Consultants today.