Rutherford Promotes Genevieve Higgins-Debiens to Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan Skerrett
23 days ago by Jonathan Skerrett
Tevia Promotion

We are delighted to announce that Genevieve has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

I am thrilled to celebrate the promotion of Gen to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Gen is an inspiring and integral part of this team; she has consistently demonstrated leadership, exceptional professionalism, dedication and unwavering commitment.

COO is a new role for our growing firm and with Gen in that function, I am excited about how our improving infrastructure and operations can all come together to provide better results and value for our clients. – Jonathan Skerrett, Director.

As COO, Gen will provide leadership, management, and vision, as she helps guide Rutherford in the implementation of growth-focused strategies and procedures. In addition to furthering a success-tailored marketing team.

Join us in congratulating Genevieve on her outstanding contributions to the Operations department and Rutherford. We know she will perform marvellously in her new position.