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Join the Rutherford Crew


Welcome. You have just found a boutique recruitment business of 12 staff members at an important point of its journey.

That was lucky!

What does that mean for you, your development and your career?

​A good recruiter always has options but right here, right now, we think what we have is pretty unique. You could decide to join the 1-5 people start-up. Will they make it though? How long will it take? And will you make any money in the meantime?

​You could also join the 40-400 people mega-agency. But will you be a cog? Will you make a difference? Will you have a say or ever be part of senior management?

Rutherford is hitting its growth curve right now. This is an opportunity to be part of that adventure. We are looking for the future leaders who will be running this business in the next few years. Promotion prospects are rapid but hard work is required - it will be career defining, fascinating, exciting and we guarantee that you will both benefit in the value we create together as well as have a good time along the way.

​We challenge each other and strive for excellence, but we also deeply care about our peers. We are trying to create a culture where everyone is enfranchised in the success of the firm.

​So if you want to work with some of the most motivated and knowledgeable headhunters in the UK - and New York very soon - who happen to also be good people, then get in touch.



We're all about having fun. If you want a taste of the Rutherford culture, meet us up on our Instagram account @rutherford_social