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Crypto jobs in Manchester

Crypto jobs in Manchester

Blockchain Jobs and Cryptocurrency Jobs in the UK:

The Crypto Market in the UK ​

As the crypto and digital assets sector continues to gain tremendous popularity amongst consumers and large financial institutions, regulatory frameworks are evolving at a rapid pace to keep up with the increased interest.

According to reports, the crypto/digital assets market is still on its aggressive growth trajectory: about 9.8 million people in the UK - the equivalent of 19% of the country's entire population - owned cryptoassets in 2021.

These reports also state that by 2030, up to 20% of the global economy infrastructure will likely be reliant on blockchain-based systems.

From a hiring perspective, the rapid growth of the sector has translated into increased movement from professionals within the industry.

With more and more crypto firms entering the market and enticing top digital assets talent with attractive compensation packages, blockchain professionals find themselves leaving their role more frequently than their traditional financial services counterparts.

Several candidates are jumping between positions in a given year - some of them up to two to three times.

The Future of Blockchain and Crypto Careers in London

In London - and across the United Kingdom - it is fair to say that the future of blockchain jobs and crypto jobs is looking bright, especially for governance-related functions such as compliance, financial crime, legal and cyber security.

Since the sector is only in its infancy, there are some incredibly exciting times ahead.

Hiring Within the Crypto Sector

With regulations expected to come in and disrupt the sector imminently, we can anticipate a sharp increase in compliance blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs in London and the UK.

Compliance professionals in the crypto market will become more and more sought after, increasing cryptocurrency compliance roles in London, and blockchain firms will most likely offer incredibly competitive packages to secure the brightest talent.

Key Statistics of the Crypto Market in London

  • A third of cryptocurrency owners in 2020 were aged between 18 and 29 years old. It appears that the younger demographic is more inclined to assume the risks and volatility of the crypto market.

  • The median tenure of compliance and financial crime professionals within the crypto sector in London was 1.6 years

  • 35% of compliance and financial crime professionals within the crypto and blockchain industry were women in 2022, against 65% of men

  • It is reported that the crypto recruitment market has exploded massively in the past year; crypto jobs have grown 118% in 2021

Rutherford's Core Specialisms in the Crypto Sector

Rutherford is a boutique London-based recruitment firm which specialises in sourcing and placing the best governance talent within the crypto market.

With more than 10 years of expertise in the financial services sector, our team of Consultants have been able to identify over the years the rising stars and future leaders of the industry.

Our team of Consultants focus in the following :

Contact Our Cryptocurrency Recruiters in London

If you are a governance specialist looking for crypto jobs in London, Rutherford have an array of roles available from crypto advisor jobs to cryptocurrency compliance roles.

Get in touch with our specialist crypto Consultants for more information or a confidential conversation.

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Manchester is known as one of the UK's main cities: beside London, the Greater Manchester area is the country's biggest centre for the financial and professional services sector, with 324,000 Manchester staff and generating £16.2 billion of GVA annually.

The city is notable for many things: its beautiful architecture, which ranges from Victorian inspiration to contemporary styles, its famous sports clubs and even its scientific output. After all, it was at the University of Manchester that Ernest Rutherford first split the atom, in 1917 precisely!

Getting around

Visiting Manchester and commuting to work is very easy once you are in the city. Its city centre is known to be quite compact: if you happen to live nearby, walking might be your best option to get around. But if you happen to live a little further away, you can either take the bus, the tram, the train, and so on. Make sure to download a travelling app like Google Maps or Citymapper on your phone to get route suggestions in real time.