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For over a decade, Rutherford has been known in London as a leading cyber compliance recruitment agency. Our team of cybersecurity recruitment consultants are experts in the field, constantly keeping abreast of the latest news and updates within the space, and helping you build your information security teams to protect your organisation from prevalent cyber threats.  

We source the best cyber and regulatory talent in the financial services and professional services sector. We service clients across a number of industries from hedge funds, consultancies, technology, healthcare, cloud computing, fintech, payments, network and information security and more. For an overview of our sectors view our cybersecurity coverage list or directly contact our security recruiters

Executive search firms such as Rutherford can benefit your search, our security consultants have strong market knowledge, an understanding of the industry's intricacies and a vast network of key players. By sourcing, prepping and briefing top candidates, we streamline the hiring process allowing employers to solely focus on the interview process.

If you wish to find the right cyber recruitment agency for your business, look no further: Rutherford has the right team to support you in your hiring efforts, get in touch today with our cyber security recruitment headhunters, who have built an extensive track record in cyber compliance recruitment in London.

Our Sectors

Commercial Recruitment​

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Roles We Place

Cyber Security Manager
​The Cyber Security Manager will be responsible for managing and overseeing the bank's cyber security operations. This includes identifying potential security risks, implementing appropriate security measures, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.
Information Security Analyst
The Information Security Analyst will be responsible for analysing and evaluating the company's information security systems and procedures. They will develop and implement security policies and controls to ensure that our systems are secure and protected from cyber threats.
Cybersecurity Engineer Job
​​As a Cybersecurity engineer you will be responsible for designing and implementing security solutions to protect the firm's systems and data, and for automating processes to improve their operational efficiency. You must have a strong academic background in a STEM subject from a top university, as well as experience in programming and cybersecurity.
Cloud Security Engineer Job
The Cloud Security Engineer will concentrate on maintaining the company's global network, security policy, infrastructure, and operating systems while contributing to the design and implementation of these systems. There will be a primary focus on the public cloud, including the integration of cloud with on-premises systems, while working on systems to automate the management of the public cloud infrastructure, giving advice to peer teams and developers on best practices, and interpreting data to improve the firm's systems.
Security Architect Job
​The Senior Security Architect will be responsible for designing and implementing security architectures and controls to protect our data, systems, and applications. They will work closely with other departments to ensure that security is embedded into the company's processes and systems.
Network Security Engineer Job
​The Network Security Engineer will be responsible for implementing and maintaining security controls to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our networks and systems. They will work closely with other departments to ensure that security is embedded into the company's processes and systems.
Information Security Consultant Job
​The Information Security Consultant will be responsible for providing advice and guidance to clients on their information security needs. They will assess their clients' security risks, develop security strategies, and implement security controls to protect their systems and data.​
Cyber Security Analyst Job
​​The Cyber Security Analyst plays a key role in ensuring the security of our systems and infrastructure, identifying and responding to cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and implementing effective controls and countermeasures to mitigate risks.

What Is Cyber Security?

While digital transformation has rapidly advanced over the past twenty years, there has been a rising need for cyber security professionals. For businesses, cyber security maintenance is crucial.

Cyber security is a proactive and well-managed protection of digital data that is used by a specific organisation.

Cyber security professionals are asked to protect the business from data breaches, from either internal or external hackers.

What Is a Cyber Attack?

The term cyber attack encompasses all kinds of illegal activity in regard to digital data breaches. Cyber threats can present themselves in a number of ways, these could include data and identity theft, manipulation of data and unauthorised access to data, and hacking.

Cyber security teams are crucial to preventing cyber attacks, and cyber security recruitment agencies like Rutherford are best placed to find the best professionals in the industry to protect your digital data and fill your cyber security jobs.​

What is Cyber Recruitment & How We Can Help?

As a cyber recruitment agency in London, Rutherford can find the best-suited candidates for the position, ensuring that your organisation's cybersecurity team is in good hands.

Our cyber security recruitment headhunters, always ensure that all candidates we put in front of our host of clients possess the right set of skills for the role, as well as specific qualifications one can find in the sector - CEH, CISSP, CISM, CRISC and CISA for example. 

Any new security hire should have excellent technical skills but they should also possess critical soft skills: they should be able to communicate effectively and seamlessly solve problems - particularly in a senior cyber security job. 

The Importance of Cyber Security Recruitment

In our modern world, almost everything is in the form of digital information, from shopping transactions to top-secret files. Cyber security exposures lead to increased fiscal, reputational and, above all, business continuity risk. Rutherford understands our clients' need to address these risks with the right senior hires. 

Having the appropriate information security team in place for your organisation not only aids you with better practices and procedures to implement post-cyber attacks, but the best professionals will have the foresight and knowledge to add defences, monitor, and test software to prevent looming cyber incidents.

Rutherford, one of the UK's leading technology security headhunters, sources top UK security talent for all positions within the cyber and information space, from junior professionals right through to senior cyber security specialists and Managing Directors, at both a permanent and contract basis.

Is Cyber Security a Popular Industry to Work In?

There aren't many professionals looking for cyber security jobs at the moment. Cyber Security is a challenging field that requires professionals to constantly be on the lookout for new sophisticated threats to security: it takesmany years of education and several certificationsto get into the industry and climb up the corporate ladder.

Cyber recruitment firms in London are fiercely competing for the top security talent on the market,whilst there is a worldwide shortage of cybersecurity professionals.

This means firms are struggling to secure on their own the cybersecurity talent who could become the leaders of tomorrow.

Working alongside specialist cyber security recruitment firms such as Rutherford, can help if you are looking to hire the most impressive security talent on the market: cyber security recruiters will have access to passive candidates who aren't easily findable. 

Our cyber recruitment agency has extensive knowledge of the cyber security industry and our cyber security headhunters each have a vast network and experience in the field. 

​What Is Expected From Senior Cyber Security Jobs?

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), their dedicated technology and cyber risk seniors must be willing to demand the requisite attention and funding to ensure that their firms are operationally secure from the ever-evolving threats they are faced with daily.

​Are Senior Cyber Security Jobs Becoming a More Popular Career Path?

As greater levels of technology proficiency and dependency are reached, Cyber Security and Technology Risk career paths are growing into ever more attractive and lucrative options in a rapidly expanding field. 

Why Choose Rutherford As Your Information Security Recruitment Partner for Senior Cyber Roles?

Rutherford focuses on finding the best senior talent in Cyber Security for its wide range of clients within the financial and professional services sectors in London.

Cyber Security Recruitment FAQ’s

Cyber security jobs are some of the most in-demand and well-paid positions in the tech industry. However, they can also be some of the most challenging to land due to the high level of experience and skills required.

If you're looking to start a career in cyber security, you may be wondering how to get your foot in the door. Here are five of the most frequently asked questions we get asked about cyber security jobs.

How Do I Start a Cyber Security Job With No Experience?

The best way to break into the cyber security field is to start by pursuing a degree or certification in cyber security. This will give you the foundational knowledge and skills you need to begin your career. Once you have your degree or certification, you can look for the best suited cyber security recruitment agencies, who can recommend and source entry-level cyber security jobs.

What Is the Best Job in Cyber Security?

There is no "best" job in cyber security. The best job for you will depend on your skills, interests, and goals. Some popular cyber security jobs include penetration tester, ethical hacker, cyber security analyst, and cyber security engineer. Good, specialised cyber security recruitment firms will have an array of security roles.


Is Cyber Security a Good Career?

Cyber security is an excellent career choice for anyone interested in technology and problem-solving. Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand and can command high salaries. The field is also constantly evolving, which can make it an exciting and challenging place to work.

Is It Hard to Get a Job in Cyber Security?

Because of the high demand for cyber security professionals, it can be competitive to land a job in the field. However, there are many entry-level and internship positions available, so it is possible to get your foot in the door. The best way to increase your chances of getting a job is to pursue a degree or certification in cyber security.

What Are the Most Common Cyber Security Jobs?

Some of the most common cyber security jobs include penetration tester, ethical hacker, cyber security analyst, and cyber security engineer. These jobs are in high demand due to the growing need for cyber security professionals.If you're interested in a career in cyber security, be sure to contact our expert cyber security headhunters for a confidential conversation.

Looking for Cyber Security jobswithin the financial services industry? Rutherfordmight be able to help you. Our specialist cyber security recruitment firm has an entire team dedicated solely to cyber security roles, which cover all levels from entry level roles to c-suite. 

Get in touch with ustoday to see if we can help you with your search, or peruse our current vacancies.


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Cyber Security consultants

Rutherford was unreal. Recruitment does not have a great rep in my opinion with a number of folks within the sector making everyone look bad for many reasons.

Rutherford was different they worked as if it was their last placement ever. Produced more than any other agency I have ever worked with. Credit to them.

Head of Information Security, Software Company

​Rutherford sends strong candidates, they have a good conversion rate, represent us well, follows instruction and are generally really pleasant to deal with.

Experienced Hire Recruitment, Quantitative Trading Firm

Rutherford was v easy to work with, adapted to my schedule and messaging preferences and helped to prep me for the interview.

Technology, Quantative Trading Firm

I have worked with Rutherford on a number of compliance and legal searches over the years.

They have consistently helped recruit top quality individuals into the firms I have worked for. Their knowledge of the market is fantastic and, importantly, they spend time getting to know the vacancy and the firm to ensure that they put forward the right candidates.

Highly recommend their compliance recruitment firm.

COO, TT International

​There aren't enough words to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to Rutherford for their assistance in helping me land an amazing role at a phenomenal private equity firm.

Rutherford's Compliance recruitment consultants were friendly, proactive, encouraging, and extremely helpful in guiding me through the recruitment process. I never once chased them and was consistently on the receiving end of calls, getting regular updates on the progress made. They kept an open and honest line of communication and spent a considerable amount of time prepping me at each stage of the process.

Their technical knowledge coupled with their down-to-earth personality makes Rutherford undoubtedly an amazing choice of a compliance recruitment firm if you're considering a career move in the legal or compliance sectors.

Compliance Associate, Leading European Private Equity Firm

​During the time I have known Rutherford, their compliance recruitment team have shown a combination of efficiency, consistency and a frankness which is rarely found amongst their competitors. I have been consistently impressed by my compliance headhunter's attitude whenever we have interacted. He was very encouraging and patient, just a genuinely nice person too. Would highly recommend him and Rutherford, and will be eternally grateful to them for helping me secure a role at my dream firm.

Compliance Director, Generation Investment Management

Rutherford's compliance recruitment team knows the market extremely well. They know all the players in the space and can speak to each's professional history and personality. They are very open and honest when communicating roles as well as any feedback a firm has after reviewing your resume or an interview. They always make a case for their clients and are extremely thoughtful in the roles they put you up for. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to move to London! I would recommend them to any colleague or friends in the Compliance space.

Vice President - Compliance, SoftBank Investment Advisers

​Working with Rutherford was an absolute pleasure, helping me secure my new position. They were very responsive and gave a lot of support throughout each stage of the recruitment process.

I would definitely recommend their compliance recruiters to those seeking a professional move!

Compliance Professional, Lansdowne Partners

I approached Rutherford in September 2020 looking for a new role and they couldn't have been more attentive. They kept me updated, ensured clear communication through the process - from introduction to offer - and ensured I moved to the best opportunity. The team is highly attentive and hard working.

Control Room Analyst, Citadel

​We have worked with Rutherford Search on a number of occasions to find candidates for regulatory/compliance positions and I’ve always found their London compliance recruitment team to be professional and helpful. They’ve done a great job of helping us find the best possible candidates and we have always been very pleased with the service offered.

Their compliance recruiters is proactive and reliable, invested in understanding and meeting our needs as a client and, most importantly, they are able to find and suggest great candidates which meet our specific briefs. The quality of service and candidates that we have received has always been high and this is indicative of Rutherford’s well-deserved reputation in the market.

Global Head of Compliance & Regulatory, FTSE 250 Asset Manager

​Rutherford recently placed me into my future role. At all stages of the recruitment process, they has been extremely positive, has provided excellent guidance with regards to interview preparation, and ensured I was kept up to date with news from the company throughout the selection process, providing timely feedback after the end of each stage. They have been an absolute joy to work with, and if you are looking for a new Compliance role, I can’t recommend them enough!

Financial Crime Manager

Having worked in the interim MLRO/Financial Crime market for more than 10 years, I have worked with a number of recruiters and sourcing agencies. However, amongst them I found Rutherford to be more professional than most I have encountered.

I have no hesitation in recommending associates to contact them if they are looking to recruit, as I am at times when in an interim role, or if they are looking for AML or other financial crime roles in the financial services sector.

Interim MLRO, DNB

​Having made two excellent Compliance hires for our firm in London, Rutherford will be my go-to recruitment partner in the future. They fully understood our briefs and the culture they were recruiting for, which made the process efficient and transparent. My candidates were also happy with their interactions with the team, which were professional yet friendly. It was a pleasure working with them, and they would be the first firm I would recommend to others embarking on a recruitment process.

Chief Legal Officer, Eton Park International LLP

​Rutherford was instrumental in assisting Liquidnet Europe Limited in our search for a Head of Regulatory Compliance and Legal Affairs. They presented a selection of candidates with a range of experience. Each CV was a match to our requirements and to our cultural fit. This was no small feat considering the hybrid legal and compliance profile we were seeking. In the end, each area of our spec was met and the incumbent in the role is settling in nicely.

Subsequent to this search, Rutherford has also placed a contract surveillance person - again, superb match of skills to spec. The Rutherford team is personable, responsive and I highly recommend their services.

Head of HR - Global Talent Engagement, Liquidnet Europe Limited

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