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Lucy Phillips

Lucy Phillips


Lucy Phillips is a Consultant, Legal and Compliance at Rutherford, a London-based recruitment firm which specialises in compliance, cyber security, legal, financial crime, risk, strategy & operations searches within the financial services industry.

With a strong background in global recruitment, Lucy has an eye for identifying and placing top diverse talent. With hands-on experience building out a new discipline in her previous role, Lucy has joined our complaince team to continue our efforts and widen our scope within the US.

Using her experience Lucy will specialise in placing top Compliance professionals within financial service with a focus on the US, from hedge funds to asset managers, to investment firms.

What can colleagues – and friends – expect when they are around you?

I’d like to say that I’m a positive and animated person to be around. I aim to always be there to work through a challenge and listen when people need a sounding board.

The delivery of a random anecdote or terrible one-liner is also a strong possibility.


What are your guiding principles at work?

Always working with honesty and transparency and never being afraid to ask questions. I like to find out what motivates or engages people and build upon that to achieve results.


What motivates you in work and in life?

I am motivated by progression and like to embrace new challenges in both a professional and personal capacity. If I can leave a situation feeling like I have learnt something valuable, then that for me is incredibly rewarding.


What is the most unexpected thing you ever did?

I once became a midwife to two pigs and helped deliver 28 piglets in the dark on New Years Eve.