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Amber Ross

Amber Ross

Office Executive

Rutherford is delighted to welcome Amber Ross to its team as Office Executive.

With a background in sales and marketing, Amber has worked in an array of people-facing roles, in and around New Zealand and more recently London. Her driven nature and ability to tackle things head-on makes her the perfect fit for Rutherford, also enabling her to transfer those skills into an office executive role within the recruitment sector.

Amber joins us full-time, handling all office duties, general administration, and providing support to all Rutherford staff.

If you wish to get in touch with Amber, please email her at or call her on (0)207 412 8923.


What is the most unexpected thing you have ever done?

Probably booking my one-way ticket flight to London and not telling anyone but my boyfriend beforehand, my parents weren’t so pleased but they are very much on board now!

What are your core principles in work?

A supportive and friendly work environment matters most, as it not only motivates me but encourages growth which leads to success.

Why did you move to London and what do you love the most about it?

I moved to London for all the new experiences and opportunities available to me - the fact places like Paris are only a train ride away also helps! I love all the parks and the London vibe, especially throughout the summer.

Why did you join Rutherford?

Rutherford stood out to me especially after meeting Gen and soon after some of the team. I knew I would be lucky to work alongside some inspiring, hard-working and talented people which made Rutherford the easy choice.

About Rutherford

At Rutherford, we focus on cyber security, compliance, legal, financial crime and risk & operations recruitment for roles within the financial and professional services sectors, with London and New York being our main focus. We use our carefully curated relationships, networks and market knowledge to find the best fit for the clients in hand.