Isabelle Gielfi

Office Manager

Rutherford is delighted to welcome Isabelle Gielfi to its team as Office Manager.

With a firm background in high paced, people-facing roles, Isabelle has worked in an array of luxury retail and high-end London establishments, aiding her with the ability to transfer those skills into an office management role within the recruitment sector.

Isabelle will join the team 3 days a week, handling all office duties, general administration, and providing support to our employees.

If you wish to get in touch with Isabelle, please email her at or call her on (0)207 412 8923.


What can colleagues - and friends - expect when they are around you?

My colleagues probably won't expect that I can speak a few different languages - English, Portuguese, Chinese and Spanish!

What are your guiding principles at work?

I like to carry myself with honesty and integrity with a hard-working attitude. I always remind myself constantly that nothing in life is impossible, it’s all just a matter of how you approach and solve the task and how much effort you put into it.


What motivates you at work and in life?

I have always strived for more to go above and beyond my challenges. I realised only I am capable of creating my own dream reality - success and perseverance go hand in hand.          


What is the most unexpected thing you ever did?

My biggest achievement has been moving to China at 16 years old and whilst doing so I founded a sustainable designer handbag business.


About Rutherford

At Rutherford, we focus on cyber security, compliance, legal, financial crime and risk & operations recruitment for roles within the financial and professional services sectors, with London and New York being our main focus. We use our carefully curated relationships, networks and market knowledge to find the best fit for the clients in hand.