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Emma Karslake

Emma Karslake

Head of Research

About Emma Karslake

Emma Karslake is the Head of Research at Rutherford, a London-based recruitment firm that specialises in compliance, financial crime, legal and cyber security searches within financial services. After her studies at Oxford Brookes in Human Biology, Emma went and worked at a cookery school, but decided that she wanted to pursue another career. She started her recruitment journey at a big global recruitment firm, and after a few years, decided to join a small firm with big, ambitious goals: Rutherford.

Emma has been heading the Research department at Rutherford for about 5 years, sourcing high-calibre candidates in compliance, legal, financial crime and cyber security within financial services.

What are your guiding principles at work?

Loyalty, accountability and taking initiative are my main guiding principles - everything I do at work is based on these core values. I've also been taught from a young age that efficiency is key in the workplace: this is why I've developed reflexes such as making appropriate notes, so I don't have to ask how to do something twice!

Throughout my career, I have also seen how important it is to support your peers. I've learned how to be aware of what's going on in the office around me, and to reach out whenever I feel like a coworker might need help. Being there for each other is incredibly important!

What brought you to the recruitment industry?

After working at a cookery school with the aim of becoming a super yachts chef, I quickly realised that I was looking for a career path that would mentally challenge me. I ended up working for a global recruitment firm for about a year. Even though I truly enjoyed my time there, I was constantly attracted to smaller firms, as they would provide environments where new ideas could easily be implemented. Rutherford quickly became the top choice in my search: they offered an open-minded space where my insights and views were welcomed, and within my new role, I was able to tangibly help people getting the job of their dreams.

What motivates you at work? In life?

I'm highly motivated by the idea of building something bigger than me along with incredibly talented people, and that is precisely what I found when I joined Rutherford. Not only have I seen the business grow: I feel like I have played a part in the company's development, along with colleagues I truly respect.

Being able to move a company forwards, for the team as well as yourself, is in itself very motivating.

Can you please describe a typical day at work for you?

A typical day would start with our morning review of active candidates. In this meeting, the team and I discuss new and interesting candidates we have met, what roles they are looking for and if any consultant has a vacancy that would match their skill set and ambition. I then spend most of my days getting in touch with more candidates and replying to emails: it's all about building meaningful connections and understanding how we can help them with their search!