Betty Fawole

Betty Fawole


Betty Fawole is a Risk Consultant at Rutherford, a London-based recruitment firm which specialises in compliance, cyber security, legal, financial crime, and risk, strategy and operations searches within the financial services industry.

With a strong background in renewable energy recruitment, Betty has proven experience in identifying and placing top talent within contract roles. She has partnered with business clients, determining and understanding their recruitment needs whilst proactively mapping out key clients within the portfolio and implementing effective touch points.

Betty specializes in placing top Risk and Operational Risk professionals within Financial Services, from Asset Managers to Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms to Hedge Funds.

What can colleagues - and friends - expect when they are around you?

When it comes to spending time with colleagues and friends, you can expect nothing but the best from me. I consider myself to be a reliable and engaging individual, always seeking to bring a positive and entertaining presence to any group.

As someone who enjoys a good laugh, I have been known to crack jokes from time to time, but I also pride myself on being a dependable and responsible member of any team. Whether it's trying out new and exciting activities or simply being there to lend a helping hand, I am committed to ensuring that everyone feels included and taken care of.

So, if you're looking for a fun-loving, yet responsible colleague or friend, I'm your person!

What do you pay attention to when speaking to candidates?

I pay attention to their qualifications, experience, and skills. I also analyse their responses and try to understand their motivations and goals for their next career move. Another factor would be their personality, ensuring they’re a cultural fit for the company they are applying to.

What are your guiding principles at work?

Some essential principles include honesty, integrity, hard work, and commitment to excellence. I also value collaboration, teamwork, willingness to learn and adaptability.

What motivates you at work and in life?

My motivation comes from various factors such as personal growth, development, financial rewards and most importantly recognition and appreciation! A sense of purpose and helping others, is also a big motivator – any opportunity to use my interpersonal skills.

What is the most unexpected thing you ever did?

I once flew all the way to Dubai just to experience the thrill of skydiving and paragliding over the iconic Palm Jumeirah! It was absolutely amazing, and definitely an adventure I'll never forget. The adrenaline rush of soaring through the air with the breath-taking view of Dubai's stunning skyline was simply exhilarating!